I make £250 a night to just sit & look pretty

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A WOMAN has revealed how she makes £250 per shift by “just sitting and looking pretty”.

Espy Marie shared a clip on TikTok explaining how that’s the minimum amount she makes per night – and with little effort.


The TikTok user has explained how she makes £250 per shiftCredit: TIKTOK


She has showed the bucket full of dollar billsCredit: TIKTOK

The woman, who works as a door hostess at a strip club, wrote on the video caption: “$300 today for just sitting pretty. It was definitely a slow Sunday.”

The clip starts with her sitting comfortably at a chair at the venue’s entrance.

She said: “Let’s count how much money I make today door hostess at a strip club”.

She goes on to say that between 12pm to 1pm she made $29 (£24.5) adding that by her second hour of work she made $50 (£42).

The Tiktoker then turns her camera to a glass jar full of dollar bills where she collects her tips saying: “It’s 3.30 and my bucket is getting more full.

“I counted, I made $90 (£76) so far.”

The clip fast forwards through the end of her shift with the social media user saying: “It’s 7pm end of shift I made a total of $200 (£170) cash tip plus the $100 (£85) I make for my hourly.”

Other TikTokers were quick to share their thoughts with most considering a career change.

One said: “Take out the tips so that it looks less full and people are more likely to tip.”

Another one added: “I’m in the wrong business.”

Someone wrote: “Please post a tutorial on how you found this job.”

Another one said: “Well looks like I’m about to get a job as a host.”

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