Google Eliminates Embedded Podcasts From Search Results Page

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Google has silently removed embedded podcasts from search results, which implies users will no longer be able to listen to podcast episodes directly from the SERPs.

This modification was first spotted by Podnews, who received verification from a Google spokesperson that the elimination was deliberate.

This modification will impact the capability to listen to private podcast episodes without leaving Google, a function that was introduced in 2019.

Google will still include links to podcast episodes in search engine result, but users can not listen to them directly from the search page.

Instead, users will be directed to the website where the podcast is hosted.

The choice to eliminate ingrained podcasts from search results was made to provide a better user experience, according to a Google spokesperson.

“We’re continuously try out methods to improve the experience for our users,” the spokesperson says in a statement to Podnews.

It’s unclear how this enhances the user experience besides creating a leaner SERP.

Although Google didn’t give any prior notice, eliminating ingrained podcasts from search results isn’t unanticipated because the Google Podcasts app hasn’t been upgraded for 18 months.

The move will likely be met with some disappointment from searchers who regularly use the feature.

On the other hand, this change could result in more individuals signing up for podcasts as they will no longer be able to listen to them through a quick search.

Google’s decision to eliminate ingrained podcasts from search results may be part of a larger technique to phase out the Google Podcasts item.

The truth that the app hasn’t been upgraded for over a year indicates that it may be headed for the Google graveyard.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that Google is abandoning the podcast market altogether.

In 2021, a report from Bloomberg revealed that Buy YouTube Subscribers sought to hire somebody to oversee its podcasting organization.

This suggests that Google is committed to improving the podcast experience on Buy YouTube Subscribers, and the company might not wish to complete versus itself in that location.

Per a 2022 study performed by Edison Research study, Buy YouTube Subscribers is the leading platform for podcast listening, followed closely by Spotify.

That stated, it makes sense why Buy YouTube Subscribers is the priority for Google for podcasts.

It’s worth noting that Buy YouTube Subscribers attained this level of appeal without having a specific podcast category.

Before August, Buy YouTube Subscribers didn’t have a particular podcast classification. Users needed to search for them by hand.

If Google terminates its Podcasts app, the company will likely shift its focus to Buy YouTube Subscribers. This could suggest that a Buy YouTube Subscribers Podcasts app is on the horizon.

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